Quality Service

Quality Service

Quality Service

Quality Service


We deliver high quality, innovative civil engineering and building solutions for roads, water and buildings

UASO NGIRO CONTRACTORS LIMITED was established in 1986 as sole proprietorship. It was later incorporated as a limited company in the year 2008 as general building, roads and water resource contractors. Since then it has grown and gained momentum in this highly competitive sector of civil engineering and construction and aims at becoming the most efficient Civil Engineering and Building Construction Company in the Republic of Kenya and in Africa at large.

We deliver high quality, innovative civil engineering and building solutions for roads, water and buildings. We specialize in developing bespoke piling and foundation solutions for all civil engineering and building structures.


Since its inception, UASO NGIRO has successfully undertaken a number of constructions work.

The foundation of our company’s ongoing success and development lies in preserving the trust of our customers, employees, shareholders and other third parties. Our flexible, decentralized organization enables each and every one of our employees to exercise the autonomy required by our respective corporate responsibilities in accordance with the distinct characteristics of each location. As a company, we are firmly committed to partnership type arrangements with our clients and each task is undertaken with a view to establishing and maintaining an effective long term relationship with good service.

Professional Personalized Approach

At Uaso Ngiro, we bear allegiance to the following in whatever we do


Ø People
Providing experienced and committed staff to work with our clients
Ø Customer Focus
We Support our clients with strong “customer focus” and team work philosophy
Ø Innovation
We deploy experience, knowledge and expertise during design and construction to produce best value/low risk project
solutions and introduce innovation where possible
Ø Integrity
We consistently provide high quality workmanship with a target of zero defects at handover
We incorporate performance monitoring, continuous improvement, feedback and learning into all areas of our operations.
Ø Excellent Performance
We deliver projects “on time, right time,” to specification, at lowest cost and to budget
Ø Safety
We ensure high health standards, safety and environmental performance


Ø Quality management system
Ø Environmental management system
Ø Occupational Health & Safety Management system
Ø Qualified and experienced technical and site staff as well as experienced foremen and tradesmen
Ø Fully qualified external safety consultant
Ø Fully networked IT System with CAD and plotting facilities allowing full use of e-procurement, on-line collaboration and
contract Administration
Ø Modern and intelligent project management software